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We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.
Colossians 1:28
Our Purpose

Grace Campus Ministries is a college-age group associated with Grace Bible Fellowship, a Christian church in the Silicon Valley. We exist for the purpose of proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ, teaching the Bible, making disciples, and training future leaders on Stanford campus. Every Tuesday, we share a good homemade meal, have prayer, teaching, and worship through song.

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Bible Study Calendar
Fall Quarter
1 Romans 1:1-7 The Greatest News In the Universe
2 Romans 1:8-17 Why Paul is Not Ashamed of the Gospel
3 Romans 1:18-27 When Mankind Rejects God, Part 1
4 Romans 1:28-32 When Mankind Rejects God, Part 2
5 Romans 2:1-5 Beware of Religious Hypocrisy
6 Romans 2:11-16 God Shows No Partiality
7 Romans 2:17-24 The True Jew, Part 1
8 Romans 2:25-29 The True Jew, Part 2

Winter Quarter
9 Romans 3:1-8 The Justification of God
10 Romans 3:9-18 No One is Righteous
11 Romans 3:19-26 God is Just and the Justifier of those who Believe in Jesus
12 Romans 3:27-31 The End of All Boasting
13 Romans 4:1-12 Justification by Faith Proven in the Old Testament, Part 1
14 Romans 4:13-25 Justification by Faith Proven in the Old Testament, Part 2
15 Romans 5:1-5 Justification by Faith Produces Perseverance Through Trials
16 Romans 5:6-11 While We Were Still Sinners, Christ Died for Us
17 Romans 5:12-21 Condemned in Adam, Justified in Christ
18 Romans 6:1-11 Dead to Sin, Alive to God

Spring Quarter
19 Romans 6:12-23 Slaves of Righteousness
20 Romans 7:1-6 Released from the Law
21 Romans 7:7-25 The Christian’s Battle with Sin
22 Romans 8:1-11 There is No Condemnation for Those Who Are In Christ Jesus
23 Romans 8:12-17 Assurance of Salvation and the Testimony of the Spirit
24 Romans 8:18-25 Suffering and the Hope of Future Glory
25 Romans 8:26-30 All Things Work Together for Good
26 Romans 8:31-39 Secure in the Love of God

Our Church

Grace Bible Fellowship (GBF) of Silicon Valley is a God-centered, Bible-driven, people-focused, believer-equipping, family-friendly church in Sunnyvale, CA. On Sunday mornings, we have Sunday school for all ages (including adults) at 9:30 am and main worship service at 11:00 am. We also have a fellowship meal twice a month after service.

** If you would like a ride to church to join us in Sunday worship, please sign up on our Rides Form by Friday night.

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